What is Electric Vehicle Retro-fitment?

Electric Vehicle Retro-fitment means to convert existing petrol or diesel run vehicles into an electric vehicle. The process involves changing the original engine and other related components and a new alternative energy source to be transplanted into the existing vehicle body. The retrofitting will allow people to continue to use their costly vehicles rather than getting them scrapped, and will also be beneficial for the environment. However, retrofit kit shall have approval of designated testing agency as specified in rule 12b of CMVR 1989.

Steps to get your vehicle retrofitted.

Step 1: Identify vehicle eligibility for retro-fitment

Which vehicles can get retrofitted?

  #  All the above are subjected to availability of Type approved w.r.t. make and model of the vehicle kit and its retro-fitment centre duly authorized by the kit Manufacturer and Transport Department.

## For 10-year-old diesel vehicles and 15-year Petrol/CNG vehicles, the approval/ endorsement of electric fuel and registration certificate shall be carried out simultaneously.

Step 2: Identifying the correct retrofitter

  1. Identify the manufacture/Import of Pure electric retro-fitment kit with make and model of the vehicle. Link: _____________________
  2. Check out the list of authorized retro-fitment dealers on the Switch Delhi website according to your vehicle model. Link: _____________________

Step 3: Prior approval for getting your vehicle retrofitted (As per rule 47A of CMVR, 1989)

  1. Vehicle retro-fitment request to be submitted through FORM 22 PART-I to the registering authority. Please find the Form 22C here; Link: _____________
  2. Details to be Filled by Motor Vehicle Owner in Form 22C PART-I

1)Vehicle Registration Number

2)Vehicle Make

3)Vehicle Model

4)Vehicle Month & Year of Manufacturing

5)Vehicle Category (2-Wheeler, 3-Wheeler, 4-Wheeler)

6)Vehicle existing Fuel

7)Pure Electric Kit Manufacturer/Importer Name

8)Kit Name

9)Kit Identification Number/Name

10) Electric Retro-fitment Centres Name & Address

  1. Permission for retrofitting to be GRANTED/NOT GRANTED* within SEVEN (7) WORKING DAYS from the submission date of PART I of Form 22C. the PART-II OF Form 22C is to be filled by the Registering Authority.
  2. If registering authority does not approve or reject the application for approval within seven working days from the date of receipt of form 22C, the approval shall be deemed to be granted. [1]

Step 4: Getting your vehicle retrofitted

  1. After Grant of Permission, the Vehicle owner will approach approved Electric Retro-fitment Centre (ERFC) as per details submitted in Form 22 C, Part-I and get their vehicle Retro-fitted by approved Pure Electric Kit.

[1] *The Registering Authority to ensure while granting permission that proposed alternation is permissible under notified conditions, standards and specifications issued under sub section (1) of Section 52 of M.V Act, 1988 (see rule 47A of CMVR, 1989)

Process after the Retrofitment:

Endorsement of Electric Fuel in the Vehicle Registration Certificate

Please find the link to Form 22D here, Link: ____________

Please find the link to Form 25 here, Link: ____________

* The Diesel vehicles 10-15 years from the date of its first registration and petrol/CNG vehicles having age more than 15 years shall not be treated as validly registered vehicle.

**Diesel vehicles 10-15 years from the date of first registration and Petrol/CNG vehicles 15 years or more from the date of first registration. It may be noted No Re-registration shall be allowed in case of Diesel Vehicles having age beyond 15 years from the date of its first registration.